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AP-BOA Registration Details

Registration:   AP-BOA
Certificate of Registration Number:    
Registration Date:    
Operator/Owner:   AirSial
Aircraft Type:   Airbus A320-232
Construction Number:   2257
Line Number:    
Year Built:   2004
SelCal Code:    
First Flight:   July 13, 2004
Test Flight Registration:    
Delivery Date:    
Aircraft Name:    
Previous Registration:   OE-ILI
Previous Operator:    
Next Registration:    
Next Operator:    
Additional Remarks:   Construction number 2257. Registered in France as F-WWDE for pre-delivery test flights. First flight on July 13, 2004. Registered in New Zealand as ZK-OJH. Delivered to Air New Zealand, September 11, 2004. Leased out to Freedom Air, September 2006. Returned to Air New Zeland, March 2008. Withdrawn from use on February 16, 2020. Registered in Austria as OE-ILI for aircraft leasing company AerCap, August 2020. Leased out to AirSial by AerCap. Aircraft undergoing maintenance work at Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand, August 2020. September 2020, aircraft ferried from Christchurch Airport (New Zealand) to Phoenix Goodyear Airport (USA). via Pago Pago International Airport (American Samoa) and Honolulu International Airport (Hawaii). Registered in Pakistan as AP-BOA for AirSial on lease from AerCap. November 29, 2020, arrived at Jinnah International Airport - Karachi, as delivery flight from Phoenix Goodyear Airport (USA) via Portsmouth International Airport (USA), Belfast International Airport (UK) and Cairo International Airport (Egypt).




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