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AP-BDR Registration Details

Registration:   AP-BDR
Certificate of Registration Number:   617
Registration Date:   1990
Operator/Owner:   Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
Aircraft Type:   Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 200
Construction Number:   10134
Line Number:    
Year Built:   1959
SelCal Code:    
First Flight:   September 24, 1959
Test Flight Registration:    
Delivery Date:    
Aircraft Name:   "City of Jhang"
Previous Registration:   PT-LGH
Previous Operator:   Rio Sul Serviços Aéreos Regionais
Fate:   Withdrawn from use in July 2006
Next Registration:    
Next Operator:    
Additional Remarks:   Construction number 10134. Built in 1959. Registered in the Netherlands as PH-FBB, N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek (KNV) Fokker, September 22, 1959. First flight on September 24, 1959. Registered in Australia as VH-TFI, October 5, 1959. Delivered to TAA (Trans Australia Airlines), October 5, 1959. Registration PH-FBB cancelled on October 30, 1959. Aircraft named "Frank Hann". Aircraft renamed "Port Moresby", May 8, 1970. Sold to Air Niugini (Papua New Guinea National Airlines), November 1, 1973. Registered in Papua New Guinea as P2-TFI, July 1, 1974. Registered in Papua New Guinea as P2-ANB, December 30, 1975. Re-registered in Papua New Guinea as P2-ANZ, June 15, 1979. Withdrawn from use and placed in storage at Port Moresby, October 4, 1979. Registration P2-ANZ cancelled, April 26, 1980. Sold to Aircraft Sales Company, USA, September 22, 1980. Registered in Australia as VH-TFI, September 22, 1980. Registration VH-TFI cancelled,  September 23, 1980. Registered in United States of America (USA) as N1036S, September 23, 1980. Leased out to British Midland Airways (BMA), September 1980. United Kingdom (UK) registration G-BMAR not taken-up. Returned to Aircraft Sales Company, September 7, 1982. Aircraft placed in open storage at East Midland Airport, 1982. Leased out to Air North, November 1, 1983. Accepted by Air North at East Midlands Airport, November 26, 1983. Transferred to Brockway Air following merger with Air North, October 1, 1984. Returned to Aircraft Sales Company, 1984. Sold to Rio Sul Serviços Aéreos Regionais (RIO-SUL), January 1985. Registered in Brazil as PT-LGH, April 24, 1985. Sold to PIA, September 12, 1989. Accepted by PIA at Porto Alegre Airport, Brazil, May 1990. Registered in Pakistan as AP-BDR for PIA, May 17, 1990. In 1997, AP-BDR was named "City of Jhang" to celebrate Pakistan's 50 years of independence. Withdrawn from use in July 2006 and parked at Karachi Airport. Sold to Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in 2007. Registration AP-BDR removed from Pakistan Aircraft Register on July 18, 2008. Aircraft had flown 79,206 hours with 80,240 cycles. Aircraft used for training purpose by Aviation Tech Services Training Institute (ATSTI) near Karachi Airport, 2009.

Fokker F27 Friendship Mk 200

Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 200  (Abbas Ali Collection)


Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 200 (registration AP-BDR)





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