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AP-ACR Registration Details

Registration:   AP-ACR
Certificate of Registration Number:   71
Registration Date:    
Operator/Owner:   Government of Pakistan
Aircraft Type:   Taylorcraft Auster V Air Observation Post (AOP)
Construction Number:   1347
Line Number:    
Year Built:    
SelCal Code:    
First Flight:    
Test Flight Registration:    
Delivery Date:    
Aircraft Name:    
Previous Registration:    
Previous Operator:    
Next Registration:   AP-AHY
Next Operator:    
Additional Remarks:   Construction number 1347. Military serial number TJ259. Registered in Pakistan as AP-ACR, Government of Pakistan. On loan to East Pakistan Flying Club, Dacca, East Pakistan. Registration AP-ACR removed from Pakistan Aircraft Register on September 4, 1953. Aircraft re-registered in Pakistan as AP-AHY. Aircraft written off as it was damaged beyond economical repair. Registration AP-AHY removed from Pakistan Aircraft Register on March 19, 1965.




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